My work is fulfilling, but there are days I’d happily blow up the entire building for $5 and a two-for-one coupon for skee ball at Chuck E Cheese. 

There are days where the anticipation of the calendar full of meetings fills me with dread and anxiety. Invariably, I lean into it, ignore my feelings and just execute.  But on occasion, I have the presence to stop for a moment during those days and reflect on what is causing my angst.

More often than not it’s something in my life that I have neglected or shelved to be dealt with at another time and a niggling reminder just on the periphery of my subconscious creeps in to overlay an already dynamic day with a patina of anxiety. If that’s the case I stop and deal with it immediately or make time that day to address it and get it off my to-do list.  

There are times when the anxiety isn’t related to anything specific-it’s just a Spidey sense of anxiety that won’t go away.  Dealing with that is harder. The recognition that the day isn’t going the way it was intended at the start can derail the entire day just by internalizing the thought.  I do try to stop and change the physical progression of my day, go for a walk, meditate (or a semblance of meditation), or even step away entirely for an hour to see if I can pull my mind back on track.  

For those people who read this and suggest to themselves that, “I couldn’t possibly step away for an hour,” who might feel that playing hooky might compound the issue, I get it. At the very least I am changing the conversation in my head.  It works for me.  

It is common to try to push the frustration and anxiety out of mind and soldier through. But, sometimes it helps to step out of line, take a deep breath and dive back into the breach once more with a renewed energy.